Driving Policy


Driving for Roehampton Business



Valid driver’s licence

Employees operating a motorized vehicle for business use are required to possess a valid driver’s license in good standing, and the license held must be valid for the type of motor vehicle being used. Employee needs to notify immediately their supervisor or manager if their driver licence has been suspended or cancelled, or has had limitations placed upon it


Zero Alcohol Tolerance

No vehicle operator shall drive a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. Illegal drugs are not to be used, and operators are not to be under the influence of prescription drugs that cause drowsiness and other forms of impairment that prohibit the safe usage of motorized vehicles.


Traffic Legislation

All employees driving a personal vehicle to carry out business on behalf of Roehampton must follow all of the rules of the road. All vehicle operators are responsible for using the vehicle in a safe and responsible manner while conducting company business and are to abide by all traffic laws while operating a vehicle.



Drivers are required to wear their seatbelts at all times, with no exceptions.



In order to prevent injury to the operator of the vehicle, as well as bystanders, all cargo inside or on the vehicle must be secured and stored safely at all times. This will prevent unintentional movement, damage to the vehicle, and/or cargo.


Handheld Devices

Usage of all handheld devices (examples: cell phones, PDA’s, MP3 Players, GPS) is strictly prohibited while driving.



Employees are required to monitor and manage work schedules to ensure they do not encourage unsafe driving practices. It is recommended:

·        to take 10-minute breaks every three hours of driving

·        to have 10 hours’ maximum driving time







Personal Vehicle Use


Roehampton recognizes that employees may be required to use their own personal vehicle to complete Company Business. Employees who use their personal vehicle for company business will be reimbursed based on the number of kilometres travelled. Employees shall only be authorized to use personal vehicles for carrying out Roehampton business upon meeting the following conditions:


•             Possess a valid driver's license;

•             Vehicle is legally registered;

•             Vehicle has been deemed safe to operate and maintained as such;

•             Employee holds current minimum automobile insurance


Mileage Allowance

When a personal vehicle is used on Roehampton business, the kilometer allowance is designed to cover vehicle operating costs, including gasoline, insurance, repairs and maintenance. Whenever an employee is required and authorized to use his/her vehicle for business purposes Roehampton shall reimburse the employee at the rate of 55¢ per kilometer.


Limit of Liability

Roehampton will not be held liable for any accidents, damages or losses incurred by employees while using a personal vehicle for business purposes. 





Company Vehicle Policies and Procedures


Eligibility to Drive a Company Vehicle

All employees are eligible to drive a company vehicle.  Prior to driving a company vehicle, employees must provide a valid driver’s license which is not suspended or revoked.  Roehampton’s insurance provider will review your driving record to ensure this is the case.


Withdrawal of Company Vehicle Privilege

The privilege of driving a company vehicle may be withdrawn for any of the following reasons:

·        Abuse or misuse of the vehicle or failure to comply with the rules and procedures stipulated in this policy.

·        A driving record which becomes deficient during the course of operating a company vehicle which, under certain circumstances, may be grounds for dismissal

·        Conviction or a guilty plea to driving a company vehicle under the influence of alcohol or an illegal controlled substance


Driver Responsibilities

Eligible drivers are responsible for driving the vehicle in a safe and professional manner. Employees must know and abide by all driving laws in all areas where they operate their company vehicle. Additionally, employees must maintain a current, valid driver’s license for the province in which they are living.  If for any reason, an employee’s driver’s license is revoked, suspended, or restricted, it is mandatory that the Human Resources manager be notified immediately.


Safety Guidelines

It is mandatory that seat belts be used by all occupants of a company vehicle at all times without exception. It is the company driver’s responsibility to ensure that all occupants fasten their seat belts prior to operating the vehicle. Any malfunctioning seat belt should be reported for repair by the employee immediately. Roehampton reserves the right to revoke the driving privilege of any driver not complying with this policy. In addition, Roehampton expects all employees to drive defensively during business and personal travel, to obey all traffic laws, and prohibits employees from driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol, including prescription drugs. Company vehicles should not be used to transport flammable items, firearms, or other hazardous materials. Texting while driving is not allowed in company vehicles.


Mileage Log

Employees are required to complete a daily log of the total number of kilometres driven for both personal and business-related travel. Records must contain:

1.      employee name

2.      date

3.      destination

4.      purpose of travel

·        for business travel indicate site/project number

·        for personal leave a note ‘personal’ along with the name of person who approved

5.      total distance travelled

It is the responsibility of the employee to maintain accurate and honest records to substantiate both the business and non-business use of company owned or leased vehicles.


False Claims

Employees who are caught making false claims, exaggerating miles driven, claiming miles that were not related to regular business or any other misreporting will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination. 


All company vehicles are the property of Roehampton Communications Ltd. Roehampton insures each of their vehicles and drivers for business purposes. It must be understand that Roehampton shall not extend any liability or insurance to any driver or passenger other than the authorized employee. Any authorized employee who allows the company vehicle to be driven by someone other than him/herself does so at his/her own risk and with full knowledge that in the event of an accident involving a non-employee driver or passenger in the company vehicle, Roehampton Communications Ltd. shall not be held liable or responsible in any way.


Traffic Violations

Excessive speeding violations and/or accident history may exclude a driver from being covered by company-provided insurance and may make them ineligible to receive a company-provided vehicle. Should you, for any reason, receive a summons for a traffic violation or a parking ticket, you must pay it as soon as possible. All traffic violations and parking tickets should be reported to your support person as quickly as possible. Under no circumstances are traffic and parking fines to be charged to Roehampton. A driver with three (3) moving violations or any combination of three accidents and/or moving violations within a three-year period will be prohibited from driving a company vehicle. Any driver with a violation associated with alcohol or drugs will be prohibited from driving a company vehicle until the “Province” reissues a current and valid driver license. This type of violation may also be grounds for immediate termination at the discretion of management.