Monthly Expenses  Guideline


An expense report is a request for reimbursement of actual expenses.  Any purchases must be clearly documented and detailed on the report. Please use the latest report template, which can be found on the Roehampton server in Human Resources file.


Each expense has to be assign to the specific account on the report.  Following is a table outlining Roehampton accounts with some examples:




Project Cost - Travel (parking, per diem, company truck fuel, 407, flights, hotel, car rental, mileage at 55c per km)

Project Cost - Others (anything that does not fall into the 3 categories)

Project Cost - BusPromo (meeting with client)

Company Vehicle Expense

 Employee recognition (birthday lunch, team building)

Field Supplies (purchases under $500)

Membership fees APEGA, PMI, PEO, EIT etc.

Office Supplies includes office and kitchen supplies




 Travel & Meals travel expenses not attributed to any project nor internal training, Used by Managers  for sales/meeting with clients


Any purchase over $100.00 must be approved by employee’s Manager.







Expenses reports are to be submitted on a monthly basis. You will need to fill  out our monthly expense report form.


Any purchases must be clearly documented and supported with original receipts along with transaction record if applicable. Please note that debit/credit card transaction record is not a valid receipt and Roehampton won’t be able to process any expenses with only such record.








                                           This is transaction record,

                                              It is not a valid receipt:








Please submit your expenses using Trello. Create your card with attached report under your manager for approval . Expenses Trello card needs to include your name and month.


Once approved the Manager is forwarding a card to Sylwia for reimbursement.  The payout will occur with next possible payroll payout through direct deposit.


Expenses reimbursement is process together with Friday’s payroll payouts only.


Expenses are submitted monthly, however Roehampton may reimburse earlier if requested in case of substantial costs of flights etc.  Please note, you could also use company credit card for bigger purchases.


The hard copy of the report along with all receipts and transaction records (if applicable) needs to be submitted to your manager who will sent it to Sylwia in Toronto.






General Travel Guidelines


All business travel must be approved prior to departure.



All travel arrangements are to be booked as early as possible in order to obtain the best availability of flights, fares, seats assignments, hotels, and cars.




Employees shall rent reasonably secure and comfortable accommodations of a standard quality hotel/motel/boarding house room within reasonable proximity to the project site / business meeting.


All traveling employees are responsible for room damage charges, as these will not be reimbursed by Roehampton.



If the employee can arrange to stay with family or friends, a hospitality gift up to $50 may be given with prior approval.

Employees are required to cancel any lodging reservations that they do not plan to use.

Air Flights


Air travel must be purchased at economy rates by the most direct route offered via a regular airline operating on daily schedules.

Excess Baggage

Employees will be reimbursed for excess baggage charges, with prior approval by the manager, only in the following circumstances:

• When traveling with heavy materials or equipment necessary for business.

• The excess baggage consists of Roehampton property.


Car Rental

The standard size vehicle rental is mid-size or intermediate. For safety reasons a larger vehicle may be required. Please book under Roehampton name for insurance requirements.


Rental Car Insurance

Roehampton Insurance Policy covers all short term rental vehicles.  The rental period should be 30 days or less.


Fuel Charges

In order to minimize the large surcharges imposed by car rental companies for refueling charges on premise, employees are required to return all rental vehicles with a full tank of gas or accept the prepay option at the time of the rental car pickup, whichever is less expensive. Original gasoline receipts must be attached to the Expense Report for reimbursement.


Commuting Expenses

Travel from an employee's residence to his/her normal place of business is treated as a commuting expense and is not reimbursable.


Mileage / Use of personal vehicle

When a privately owned vehicle is used on Roehampton business, the kilometer allowance is designed to cover vehicle operating costs, including gasoline, insurance, repairs and maintenance.


An employee may be required and authorized to use his/her vehicle for business purposes.  Roehampton shall reimburse the employee at the rate of 55¢ per kilometer.


The employee is required to keep track of all travel millage along with appropriate site and client details in


The mileage needs to be included in the monthly expense report.


Associates are not permitted, under any circumstances, to operate a personal vehicle for Company business when any physical or mental impairment causes the associate to be unable to drive safely. This prohibition includes circumstances in which the associate is temporarily unable to operate a vehicle safely or legally because of illness, medication, or intoxication.


Parking, Highway tools etc.

Employees will be reimbursed for reasonable and actual out of pocket costs for parking fees, highway tolls, shuttle bus fares, taxis, and subway fares etc.



Roehampton will not be responsible or liable for any costs related to tickets or fines issued while driving on company business.


Meals per diem

Employees will be reimbursed for meals expenses incurred while on a Roehampton business trip.


$10 for breakfast,

$15 for lunch,

$25 for dinner


$50 for a day if on an overnight stay business trip


No receipts required.





Roehampton provides their employees with all necessary safety and protective equipment, including personal protective equipment (PPE), when such equipment is required to protect employees from job-related injuries, illnesses, and fatalities. These requirements address PPE of many kinds: fall protection equipment, hard hats, gloves, goggles, safety shoes, safety glasses, and so forth. 


Roehampton recognises that occasionally an employee needs to make safety equipment or PPE purchase himself/herself, for example when buying safety shoes. In such event, an employee will be reimbursed for incurred expenses.


Tower Inspectors are eligible to purchase necessary winter outerwear.


Please speak to your Manager or HR if you have any question regarding eligibility or cost.




Roehampton provides their employees with all necessary field supplies required to perform on site duties. The field supplies include, but are not limited to: measuring tools, cameras and navigation systems.


Please talk to your Manager if any purchase is required.











Roehampton reserves the right to revise the policy if necessary.