Roehampton is committed to encouraging open dialogue between all staff and management to foster a welcoming, healthy and productive workplace.


This policy is designed to ensure the prompt handling of suggestions, complaints or other matters affecting employees and the working environment.  Through the Open Door Policy, Roehampton can make improvements based on employee input and foster a shared understanding of policy, procedures and business decisions.

The Roehampton encourages employees to bring issues forward to their immediate Manager, HR Manager or directly to the Principals, who will make every effort to address the concern.  In all cases, Roehampton managers will be committed to hearing concerns, and will be dedicated to finding workable solutions.


All Roehampton Managers and Principals must actively encourage the use of this Policy and welcome Employees who take the time to bring forward concerns.  Through productive dialogue, Roehampton can acquire valuable insight and information regarding the day to day operations of the company, and make improvements to contribute to the success of the organization.