Overtime - work completed outside of regular working hours.

Overtime pay - monetary or paid time off compensation for the hours eligible employees work in excess of 37.5 hours worked and paid in one workweek.



At Roehampton all full time employees are eligible for overtime compensation with the exception of employees working in management or supervisory positions.

 Employees are not contractually entitled to work overtime. As such, all overtime hours must be authorized by management in advance of overtime hours worked.

 Extra time worked at the employee’s discretion, or without approval (working through lunch or breaks, arriving early or staying late), may not be used towards overtime.



At Roehampton, a regular work week consists of 37.5 hours worked and paid. Please note that work day consist of 8 hours and since it include half an hour unpaid lunch break we are talking about 7.5 hours a day and 37.5 a week 


As per Ontario and Alberta Employment Standard Acts each hour worked after 44 hours a week, will be paid at one and one half of employee’s regular hourly pay.


British Columbia and Manitoba Employment Act states that each hour worked in excess of 40 hours a week will be paid at one and a half of employee’s regular hourly pay.



Overtime weekly log excel sheet is available on server. Please choose right province on your form.

Please submit your Trello card with your form attached under your manager for approval. OT Trello card needs to include your name, date and excess hours worked beyond your 8 hour day (or beyond 7.5 hours worked and paid)

Your overtime pay will be included in your bi-weekly payroll, which you receiving every other Friday. Approved OT needs to be approved by Monday in order to be processed with payout on Friday.


Overtime pay may also be taken in the form of paid time off. In order to bank vacation time an employee is asked to include a note on the Trello card.