Vacation days are credited at the beginning of each calendar year. This means that it may be taken before it is earned, up to the employees’ maximum entitlement for the current year in which the vacation is earned.


However, upon termination of employment Roehampton shall recover any unearned vacation time already taken and will be deducted from the employee’s final pay. On the other hand, earned but unused vacation time will be automatically paid out to the employee.


If a statutory holiday occurs during an employee’s vacation period, the employee will be granted 1 additional day of vacation.


Brief illnesses that occur during a vacation period may not be counted towards sick pay.



Vacation entitlement will be determined by the employee's length of service in the current calendar year and must be taken within the year in which it is earned.



Employees are required to submit a request of their intent to take vacation time to the manager using Trello. The Trello card for time off request needs to be created in your manager’s list and must include your name, departure date, return-to-work date, and the number of vacation days required.



 All vacation requests are subject to approval. Once approved a Trello card is moved by a manager to “APPROVED (for Sylwia)” list and from there HR person is moving it to an employee’s private board for record keeping purpose.


Private boards are accessible by an employee and HR only and it serves as a record trucking tool. Please do not modify by yourself.



Vacation scheduling is the responsibility of department managers or supervisors who will ensure that all employees are given their full vacation entitlement while taking into account the operational efficiency of the department.


Employees are asked to submit the vacation request form at least 2 weeks in advance, especially during peak vacation seasons (e.g. summer, spring break, Christmas, etc.)



Vacation entitlement will not be exchanged for money reimbursement unless the employee terminates, at which time the employee will be compensated for vacation earned up to the date of termination.



Vacation days may be authorized to be carried over into the following year solely at the company’s discretion under certain circumstances, and will be addressed on a case-by-case basis. However, there is a limit of 5 days and they must be used by March 31st.



Roehampton will make every effort to reasonably accommodate requests for time off for religious holidays not recognized in Roehampton’s approved holiday schedule.   Employees have the option of taking vacation or personal leave to be paid for the absence.  Time off for these days must be scheduled with the employee’s manager.